Poster for Elixr coffee shop

Philadelphia coffee competition

I have been blessed with a dear friend and roommate who is also a major player in the Philadelphia coffee scene. Working at Elixr coffee, not only is she a talented barista, but also in charge of roasting and this month's TNT or Thursday Night Throwdown. The event is a regional latte art competition, hosted at different coffee shops around the host city.

Since Elixr was hosting the June TNT, I wanted to achieve a few goals. I wanted to give a nod to illustration, but more as a way to grab the viewer's attention in a highly graphic style. Since this particular TNT was also going to be a going-away party for a seasoned barista, Erika, I wanted to include a feminine portrait as well. The latte rosetta (a standard latte art design by experienced baristas) is formed by the drippings of a woman's hair. To me, the lines in the latte rosetta mimicked strands of hair, so I wanted to tie the two together. The woman reflects the interior of Elixr's shop: classic, sophisticated, and handsome.

I also wanted to incorporate the graphic quality of Elixr's logo (a plus sign) into the poster. This emphasized where the TNT would take place, but also adds a pop of color that contrasts nicely with the neutrals of the background and woman.

The typeface is consistent with Elixr's website to provide further cohesion.