Currently working as a mid-level/senior freelance graphic designer in New York City and available for new opportunities!

 •  An investigative spirit
 •  Eager collaborator
 •  Perpetual learner
 •  Willingness to venture into the unknown and unfamiliar
 •  Resourceful
 •  Getting uncomfortable
 •  A sense of humor
 •  Initiative taker
 •  Curious adventurer

Craves emotional connection between a design and its audience and how that might propagate conversation, engagement, and interaction. For me, it's all about telling a story.

Favors: the unexpected, the clever
Desires: open dialogue, continuous growth, challenge, and trust.


Outside of Work:

 •  Obsessed with music
 •  Going to music shows/art shows
 •  Enjoying films
 •  Biking/yoga/outdoors sports
 •  Sustainability
 •  Interest in Social Impact for Design/Design for Social Innovation/Human-Centered Design
 •  AIGA member means I go to a lot of design events