A Conversation on Art & Music

Robert Mapplethorpe,  Self Portrait , 1980, © Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation

Robert Mapplethorpe, Self Portrait, 1980, © Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation

The other day, I was delighted to have a conversation with a perfect stranger on the following topics:

1. Turner
2. Mapplethorpe
3. Pollock
4. the MoMa
5. Whitney
6. ICA (Philly)
7. Toulouse Latrec
8. Klimt

Not to mention the music of:
1. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
2. Boris
3. Sunn O))))
4. Flamenco
5. classical (Ravel, Beethoven)
6. Killing Joke
7. Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings
8. 60s French Pop (Serge Gainsbourg, Les Chats Sauvages)

I will also add that the pleasure of discussing Grado and Sennheiser headphones gave me a great thrill. Audio compression. Amplifiers.

Oh, and garlic. Spanish cuisine.

And the following question:
"Is your graphic design static or dynamic?"

What better conversation to have? Next up, film and literature.



Bossa nova king Luiz Bonfá with Fellini-esque cinematography? Swooning.

This is so amazingly great. What a gorgeous sound!

But whoever shot the performance did an equally amazing job. I think the best use of video in music highlights the sound, without distracting the audience. It reminds me a bit of Fellini, just from what I've seen of his with the high contrast and unique angles of panning in on people.

I wish music performances were still shot this way, in such an intentional artistic sense.